Cleanup efforts are underway after a piece of work equipment spills diesel into a nearby river.

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Last Thursday, the Iowa DNR received a call about a crane that fell over into the West Nodaway River after a bridge collapse in Cass County. According to initial reports, around 20 gallons of diesel and engine fuel spilled from the crane.

But there was more to the incident than originally thought.

The DNR followed up on the crane sight on Friday when they noticed a sheen downstream of the absorbents. Upon investigation, the DNR found dead, stressed minnows between where the bridge collapsed and a half mile downstream. These conditions were not observed during the initial inspection Thursday.

The crane is owned by Mammoet Crane Company which is working with MidAmerican Energy. MidAmerican responded quickly to the spill by placing absorbents into the river.

As of Friday, says a release from the DNR, Clean Harbors pumped around 1,500 gallons of fuel and water from the river.

Rain forecasts for the weekend included rain, absorbent booms were placed in the river every 75 feet in the infected areas to help absorb more of the spill. These booms will stay in the river for 7 to 14 days.

People have been advised to stay out of the river while cleanup from the incident takes place.

The 61-ton crane was expected to be removed from the river on Friday. An access road has also been built to the river to allow the cleanup company easier access to the river.

The DNR will continue to monitor the scene and consider appropriate enforcement action with Mammoet Crane Company.

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