With his second daughter's July 2021 due date rapidly approaching, Brett Young says he and his wife, Taylor haven't quite settled on a name — and he's not just saying that to avoid announcing his daughter's name before her birth.

"I mean, we would [announce it if we knew.] We've actually wanted to announce the name of our kid, both with Presley and with this time," Young shares during a recent press event, pointing out that his first daughter, Presley, didn't officially have a name until after she was born.

"She was six hours old before we picked a name, and to be honest with you, it feels like we're headed in that direction again," the singer continues. "What happens is, we narrow it down to, like, three names that we like, and before we get from three to one, we find five more that we like and three goes back to eight. And I think we're in the three-to-five range now."

Young goes on to say that when it comes to picking baby names, Taylor is particularly selective. "I'm easier than my wife," he admits.

"If we get five we agree on, she can pick any [of the] five. She needs it to be the one," Young adds. "So if we find this one before the baby's born, we're not gonna be like, 'We're not gonna tell anybody.' But I don't feel like we're that close right now."

In the meantime, the couple are enjoying their last few weeks as parents to an only child, and preparing 18-month-old Presley for life with a little sister. "I don't feel like she's quite old enough — she knows mommy has something in her tummy, and it's really cute, she touches mommy's tummy," Young explains, when asked how his daughter feels about the family's impending new addition.

"But over the last couple of months, we've watched her start to mimic the way my wife is with her, the way Taylor is kind of nurturing and takes care of her, she's started to do those things with her little dolls," he adds. "Which is so precious. That nurturing side of her is very clearly there."

When the couple announced that they were pregnant with their second child, they explained that they were excited to have two children close in age, as Taylor enjoyed having a small age gap with her sister growing up. Presley will be just shy of two years old when her younger sibling arrives this summer.

"All the signs are saying that she's gonna be an incredible big sister. And she's such a happy, sweet little girl," Young continues. "I just can't wait 'til she's old enough to babysit so mom and dad can go on dates again."

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