Brantley Gilbert's son, Barrett, isn't even two years old yet, but he's excited to become a big brother — as excited as he can be, anyway.

Gilbert and his wife, Amber, revealed in March that they are expecting their second child and first girl this fall. The singer tells Taste of Country that Barrett sort of understands what it means for the family to bring a new baby home.

"I don't know if he totally knows what the deal is yet," Gilbert says, "Like I can ask him where ... we haven't told anybody what her name is yet, I can ask him where she is and he'll point at Amber's belly and he'll take you down to her room and show you her bed."

Though Barrett will be a big brother, he is still a toddler himself and won't turn two until November. Baby sister is due in September.


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"I'm not sure he's totally clued in yet. She'll be here before he turns two. I think it will kind of be a little bit of a shocker at first until he figures out what the deal is," the singer says, revealing that he has spoken with other parents who have children the same age distance apart to get advice on what he and Amber should expect.

In 2017, Gilbert told Taste of Country that he was "mortified" at the idea of having a daughter. His feelings have changed somewhat, but not when it comes to dating.

"That whole boy thing, we're just going to have to cross that bridge when we get there," he says, laughing.

"I don't know what to say about that yet — right now we're just to the point in the pregnancy where we've got about a month left, we're just praying she's happy and healthy. We'll figure out the rest of the stuff later," he concludes.

Gilbert doesn't think his young family will join him on his upcoming and second-annual Kick It in the Ship Cruise, but hopefully they'll climb aboard for next year's floating music festival. This fall, Gilbert will head out on his Not Like Us Tour alongside Lindsay Ell and Michael Ray on select dates.

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