The trade war between China and the United States continues to spill over into a Midwest-based newspaper. Following a four-page paid editorial from China, a U.S. official offered up an editorial in the Des Moines Register blasting China’s propaganda aimed at Iowa farmers.

Terry Branstad, former Iowa Governor and U.S. ambassador to China, wrote in the editorial that “it is simply unsustainable for the world’s second-largest economy to ignore or dismiss fundamental precepts of free and fair trade.” He says China has been waging unfair trade against the U.S. for years by using massive subsidies to exploit markets, and creating high-tariffs to keep U.S. products out. Branstad further says that “the entire world benefits from free trade, “adding that “the best way to increase prosperity for both the United States and China is for trade to be fair, reciprocal and balanced.”

His editorial aimed the content paid for by China outlining the harm the Trump administration is placing on U.S. farmers through the trade war.

Source;  NAFB News

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