Saturday night's Era's Tour concert featuring Taylor Swift was memorable for many different reasons. My daughter Carly and I got to experience all of Taylor's eras with tens of thousands of other screaming, singing, sparkle-covered fans. The show was amazing, featuring dazzling special effects, bracelets that lit up the stadium, and one moment that not even Taylor Swift saw coming!

During each stop on the Era's Tour, Taylor performs a couple of songs acoustically. These songs differ from city to city, and my daughter Carly referred to them as 'surprise' songs. Carly wondered all day which ones we were going to get. Since 'Speak Now: Taylor's Version' had just dropped the day before, she predicted we'd get a deep cut from that album. She was right. Taylor announced to the crowd,

I don’t know if you noticed what the date is today, but it’s July 8th. Soon it will be July 9th. You know what time it is, Kansas City. It’s time to play ‘Last Kiss’ and cry.

The arena erupted in screams. Taylor once called 'Last Kiss' one of the saddest songs she'd ever written and even though the song didn't chart very high back in 2010, it is still a Swiftie fan favorite. She launched into the song, strumming her guitar, and launched into the first verse. But that's when the trouble began. After singing the first two lines, she accidentally skipped to the second verse and had to stop!

After telling the crowd that she got "too excited" she began again. She made it one line farther the second time before faltering again! After swearing not to mess it up again, she flew through the song leaving fans with a memory they'll never forget. How many times do you see a star like Taylor Swift mess up the lyrics? But like she handles most everything, she laughed at herself and added to an amazing night that this father and daughter will never forget!

Ryan Brainard
Ryan Brainard

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