An 11-year-old boy has been charged in connection with a social media threat that forced Waterloo School District officials to cancel classes on Wednesday.

Students were given the day off after someone indicted in a social media post Tuesday night that they would blow up four buildings. The threat targeted East and West High Schools, George Washington Carver Academy, and Central Middle School.

Waterloo police spent the night investigating the threat. Wednesday afternoon, authorities said they charged a boy with threats and intimidation.

A district official said Waterloo Schools would resume normal operations on Thursday, with students resuming their classes.

"After working with police to investigate a social media threat, it has been determined that the threat was not credible," Waterloo Schools spokeswoman Tara Thomas said in a statement released to the media. "The issue is resolved and charges will be filed against the person responsible."

Waterloo police issued a similar statement. In a press release, authorities said: "Through the investigation, the threats do not appear to be credible."

In a statement Wednesday morning, Thomas said district officials made the decision to cancel school Wednesday over safety concerns and to allow authorities to complete their investigation. , we are canceling school for today," district spokeswoman Tara Thomas said in a press release. "Please know the safety of our students is our first priority. Thank you for your patience."

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