COVID-19 in 2021 has been interesting. Cases wanned in the spring and early summer, but have since come roaring back to near-record levels in parts of the state. But here's a different kind of cancellation we could be facing: A mega, money-inducing shopping event. I'm talking about Black Friday.

While in Iowa people have assumed a more normal pace of life, remember many of the stores with the monster Black Friday deals are national chains. They cannot have rules for one location, and not another. Hence, getting that great deal may be easier online rather than in line.

What is the day called Black Friday?

Named as such because it's supposed to be the day most retail stores go from being in 'the red' to being in 'the black'. But cases not really dropping much during the summer of 2021, it's hard to know what fall will bring.

While Walmart will still be open on the actual day of Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving), what will it look like? What will it look like at Target? How about Best Buy? Will stores limit the number of people coming through their doors when or if they are open?

Will you go out this Black Friday?


Will people even show up, are they going to feel safe going out and being in crowds? Is it fair to say 'we have only THREE PlayStation 5s or computers for X price'! We're only just now hearing the first murmurs of what the holiday season will look like. Sadly, it's the reality we'll have to begin to consider: Another very not normal 2021 holiday season.

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One thing we do know, many stores will remain closed for Thanksgiving, just as they did in 2020.

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