Monday July 17th, KOEL AM 950 wants to try to give $65 to someone with a birthday.

The KOEL – Community Bank of Oelwein Birthday Wheel is played each weekday following the announcements of area birthday and anniversary’s for the day.  Roger King and Liz Brown spin a wheel, announce a birth date and wait for someone with that birth date to call in and play.  A second wheel is spun and if the year the caller was born matched the year wheel announces, then the caller claims the jackpot.

The Birthday Wheel Jackpot starts at $5 and grows by $5 every weekday it goes unclaimed.  Monday July 17th the jackpot is $65 and it could go out to one lucky listener.  If not, the jackpot will roll over and keep growing until someone claims the prize.

New to the Birthday Wheel game on KOEL AM 950, each month KOEL has a consolation prize.  All the callers who spin but do not win will be entered for a consolation prize at the end of the month.  Tune in to find out the monthly prize.

We love to give away someone else’s money!


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