We've seen a large number of national retailers and restaurants throw in the towel recently. Once popular businesses like Walgreens and Red Lobster have been shuttering locations across the country, including Iowa.

Now we're hearing of another possible business closing, and they have a few locations in Iowa that would be impacted if they closed down.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is looming

For a popular retailer, bankruptcy could be on the horizon, and with that would certainly come shutting down many, if not all physical locations. Big Lots is the retailer that is facing this prospect.

If you aren't familiar with Big Lots, they're a discount retailer that is based in Ohio. They sell everything from furniture to mattresses and even items like pop and chips.


With the looming chance for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the possibility exists for the retailer to close some locations. Currently, Iowa only has three locations. In Des Moines, Burlington, and Davenport.

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As many other retailers experienced in the post-COVID world, the cost of many goods has increased dramatically, forcing discount chains to raise prices. Pinched customers who aren't able to spend as much or need a break from unnecessary spending are far more likely to cut back on shopping for items like furniture or a new patio set.

You'll still be able to purchase items from Big Lots

If any physical stores in Iowa close, the retailer will still offer delivery to any location in the U.S.

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