There's a local brewery in the Corridor with some "big" news to share.

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Big Grove Brewery, which currently has locations in Iowa City and Solon, is opening up a brand new location in Des Moines. And they have plans for another even closer to home.

According to a press release, Big Grove Brewery will be joining the craft beer scene in Des Moines and opening up a 15-barrel brewery and taproom. It's going to be housed in the "Crescent Chevrolet Building as part of the Ingersoll corridor project." Below is a photo of the building.

Big Grove Brewery
Big Grove Brewery

The Des Moines brewery will have a wide range of beers and food including traditional options, global street food, and vegan and gluten-friendly options. Plus Big Grove is releasing their first seltzer too called Squeeze Hard Seltzer at the end of the summer.

Another cool thing about the place is that it'll have a hybrid service model. So you can choose to get the full-service experience and be waited on or venture for the self-service style which allows you to get up and mingle and not be confined to a table. There will be a heavy emphasis on experience, especially for families. Kids can play while parents hang. Sounds awesome!

What sounds even more awesome though is that they plan to open another brewery location right here in Cedar Rapids! That won't happen until 2023 though. One at a time.

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