It's another landmark year for Chris Stapleton. According to Billboard, the country superstar's latest album Starting Over is the best-selling Americana / folk record of 2021. Six years after its initial release, Stapleton's debut record Traveller landed at the No. 2 spot, an impressive feat for any artist.

This year's list of best-selling albums is very similar to 2020's rankings and includes multiple albums that have been out for decades. John Mellencamp's first greatest hits collection made the cut, twenty-five years after it was first released in 1997. Although Kacey Musgraves released her new album star-crossed in 2021, it was her record-breaking 2018 record Golden Hour that earned inclusion on this year's list.

The Lumineers finally bumped their popular debut record out of the top 10 this year to make way for their 2016 record Cleopatra. There are many more familiar names -- and a few surprises -- included in this year's full roundup.

Here's the rundown of the 10 best-selling Americana and folk albums of 2021:

10 Best-Selling Americana and Folk Albums of 2021

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