At this point, even if you were indeed born under a rock, you have surely by now heard of Morgan Wallen.

His raspy voice, catchy lyrics, un-duplicable accent and melodic beats can get you through a whole slew of emotions.

What Are the Best Morgan Wallen Songs For Summer?

For this list, lyrics, tempo, melody, emotions and song popularity amongst Wallen fans were all taken into consideration.

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    "Everything I Love"

    'One Thing at a Time'

    "Everything I Love" is an up-tempo track off of Wallen's One Thing at a Time album that has a familiar sound to most listeners that are fans of old southern classic rock.

    Perfect for those daytime bonfires in the summer.

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    "'98 Braves"

    'One Thing at a Time'

    "'98 Braves" is off of Wallen's One Thing at a Time album and gives off nothing but summer vibes.

    It takes us all back to the years when the Atlanta Braves were actually good at baseball and makes you yearn for your teenage summer days.


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    "More Than My Hometown"

    'Dangerous: The Double Album'

    "More Than My Hometown" is an up-tempo song off Wallen's Dangerous: The Double Album.

    With lyrics that talk about "a California sunset," sundresses and fishing, this song has summer written all over it.

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    "The Way I Talk"

    'If I Know Me'

    "The Way I Talk" off of Wallen's If I Know Me album has a summertime vibe to it and speaks of California girls and drinking — two things that belong in a perfect summer song. The beat on this track is very catchy and is for sure on that summer playlist.

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    "Whiskey Glasses"

    'If I Know Me'

    "Whiskey Glasses" is a track from Wallen's If I Know Me album, and it speaks for itself when it comes to summer anthems. It encourages you to get out there and do some partying to get over your past.


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    "One Thing at a Time"

    'One Thing at a Time'

    "One Thing at a Time" is the lead single off of Wallen's One Thing at a Time album and is extremely up-tempo.

    It mentions drinking, dipping, smoking, doing drugs and love. It's a summer jam for sure that can be put on and will get everyone up.

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    'One Thing at a Time'

    "Cowgirls" is a bop off of Wallen's One Thing at a Time album that is a celebration of the cowgirl. The song sweats summer and begs for an outdoor Bluetooth speaker.

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    "Ain't That Some"

    'One Thing at a Time'

    "Ain't That Some" is a song that will make you want to get out there and tear up some country roads with your friends on a summer night.

    A song off of his One Thing at a Time album, it's all about Chevrolets, cold beers and Friday nights.

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    "7 Summers"

    'Dangerous: The Double Album'

    "7 Summers" is a classic sounding Wallen song that sounds familiar, even on the first listen. It talks about that one summer, seven summers ago, that was unforgettable.

    For sure a summer banger with it's breezy, light and nostalgic sound.

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    "Up Down"

    'If I Know Me'

    "Up Down" is a Wallen summer banger that features Florida Georgia Line. It mentions Friday after 5 and fishing with your boys. This song screams summer to the fullest.

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