An Independence man has been arrested for allegedly pandering a minor for prostitution.

Mitchell Ciesielski was taken into custody on January 15th.

The investigation began in November of 2019, when Ciesielski asked a juvenile to give him a ride home from a party. He is accused of sending the girl messages, offering her money to engage in sexual activities with him. The minor refused.

Later the same day, Ciesielski offered the girl money to pay for the gas she used, giving him a ride home. He then lured the girl into his house, located in the 600 block of 2nd Avenue SW in Independence, with an offer of cash.

It was at that time Ciesielski locked the girl in the house, forced her to disrobe, and engage in sexual activities. There was no cash in the house. He later sent the girl funds far exceeding the cost of the gas.

Ciesielski was taken into custody, on warrants for Pandering of a minor for Prostitution, and Prostitution.

Pandering carries a prison sentence of up to 10 years in prison, and the prostitution charge could put him behind bars for up to 5 years.

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