"Office" fans, this is your dream job! A company is offering someone money to binge watch the "Office"!

According to Thrillist, a TV service provider USDish.com is offering a lucky person $1,000 to watch 15 hours of the "Office" in 9 days. That's about 45 episodes of the series but it is not clarified as to how the episodes will be picked since there were 192 episodes made. However, the deal doesn't stop there. In addition to the money, the winner will receive "Office" swag such as a Dundie, Michael's coffee mug, Jell-O, a stapler and a Netflix gift card.

The lucky winner will get to watch wherever and whenever they like and will have to check out a lit of things they see in the episode while they watch like "how often Stanley rolls his eyes at the camera." Of course there is an application process involved before you are chosen which includes writing a 300 word essay as to why you are the right person for the job or you could also add a video for increased chances to win.


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