Michael Jaramillo and his family went to Adventureland on Saturday, July 3rd to celebrate his big brother David Junior's birthday. The day promised to be fun. Great weather, family, and of course, amusement park rides. Sadly, things turned into a nightmare when the family went on the popular water ride attraction, Raging River. That's when tragedy struck the family from the Cedar Rapids area.

What happened: the accident

The afternoon of July 3rd, while the Jaramillo family, six people total, went on the Raging River ride. During the duration, the ride was overturned. Rescue efforts began with employees, police, fire, and park guests. Four members of the Jaramillo family were transported to an area hospital with injuries. Michael Jaramillo died from his injuries later that day. David Junior remains in critical condition.

Adventureland claims that on July 2, the ride had passed inspection. It's unknown at this time exactly what happened to cause the raft to overturn.

The story has gained national attention

The story gained national attention. David Jaramillo, the boy's father, appeared on "Good Morning America" to share what happened in the accident.

In the same interview, Michael's mother Sabrina said,

I will never get a chance to see him grow up or get a chance to see him graduate.

He said after the tube that riders ride on Ragin River capsized, the family was trapped by the seat belts riders are required to wear while the tube is in motion. To make matters worse, police had a difficult arriving at the scene due to the location of the ride at the park, and the equipment needed for the rescue.

Adventureland is cooperating with investigators, and the Raging River will remain closed during the investigation into the accident.

A GoFundMe page has been created

Christian Life Church of Cedar Rapids, the family the church attends, has created a GoFundMe page to help the family in the aftermath of the accident. As of this writing, the page has earned more than $28,000 in donations. THAT is some serious Iowa Nice.

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