An extremely close November 6th election outcome for a House seat in Northeast Iowa should be determined this week, with a recount.

In the November 6th election, for Iowa House District 55, the incumbent, Republican Michael Bergan, defeated his challenger, Democrat Kayla Koether by just 7 votes.  After a canvass last week, the auditor determined  Bergan received 6,919 votes, while Koether got 6,912 votes.

Koether requested the recount, which will begin today (Nov. 27) at the Winneshiek County Courthouse in Decorah. The 55th District is comprised of portions of Fayette, Winneshiek, and Clayton Counties.

The votes will be recounted by 3 people. Bergan and Koether have each chosen a representative to count votes, and those 2 people chose a 3rd person to help with the tabulation.

The recount process may take up to 2 days to complete.


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