While we are all stuck inside these days, why not share our Iowan pride and catch up on movies that were made, set or about Iowa?

I know you have probably been binge watching "Tiger King" recently on Netflix. Well now that you have finished and are pondering whether or not Carole Baskin killed her husband (which, let's be honest she probably did), why not start an Iowa themed binge watching marathon? I mean most of us have nothing else to do right now.

Below, I have a list of 5 movies that are either set in Iowa, filmed in Iowa or the plot is solely focused on Iowa. Some you may have seen (Field of Dreams, duh) and some you may have never heard of or realized was connected in any way to your home state (Cedar Rapids is the name of a movie, who knew?). So take some time to watch these movies during quarantine.

1. "Field of Dreams"- I mean come on, if you were born and raised in Iowa you should know this movie backwards and forwards.

2. "The Fighting Sullivans"- All Iowans have grown up knowing the true story about the 5 Sullivan Brothers from Waterloo, Iowa that were sent off to serve during World War II and all killed in action.

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3. "The Miracle Season"- This one is fairly new. Debuted in 2018, it is about the true story of the Iowa City West High School's girls Volleyball team banning together under their coach Kathy Bresnahan after the death of their team captain to win the state championship.

4. "The Final Season"- This story was not only filmed in both Shellsburg and Cedar Rapids, Iowa but it is also a true story about the baseball team at Norway high school in Norway, Iowa and the famous coach Kent Stock coaching them through their last season.

5. "Cedar Rapids"- Yes, this is the actual name of the movie! This movie is a comedy about an insurance agent from Wisconsin who is sent to represent the company at a convention in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. There he meets three other attendees and is in for the ride of a lifetime.

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