Much of the state of Iowa had turned into San Francisco 49er fans this NFL postseason. I too, found myself rooting for former Iowa State quarterback Brock Purdy. Mr. Irrelevant in the NFL Draft. Third-string quarterback. Then suddenly thrust into the spotlight as a starting QB. All Purdy did was win and lead the 49ers to the NFC Championship game. But the dream season ended Sunday in Philadelphia.

Brock Purdy's storybook NFL season ended in the first quarter of the NFC Championship game. A relentless Philly pass rush got to Purdy and hit him just as he was about to throw a pass, a dangerous angle for a player's arm to be at.

Purdy was forced to leave the game due to the injury. Things got even worse for the 49ers when fourth-string quarterback Josh Johnson suffered a game-ending concussion. Despite telling the coaching staff that he couldn't throw the football, the Niners put Purdy back into the game to basically, hand the ball off. He threw a couple of short screen passes, but that was it. Purdy's NFC Championship stats ended with him going 4 for 4 for 23 yards.

But the real trouble will be revealed during an MRI later today. Niners Nation reports that doctors believe that Purdy injured the UCL in his throwing elbow during Sunday's game. If the ligament is simply strained, Purdy would face a six-week recovery from the injury. But if the ligament is ruptured, Purdy would be staring at Tommy John surgery. That surgery and rehab would keep Purdy out for nearly a year.

Here is hoping that Purdy gets the best possible medical news today and that he can again compete for the Niners' starting quarterback in 2023.

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