The Iowa State Fair is a huge symbol for Iowa fast approaching and this year some changes have been made, nearly half a million dollars worth.


During past years, fairgoers were checked with handheld metal detectors but this year the nine entrances to the fair will be equipped with walk-through metal detectors to ensure maximum safety for guests. The walk-through metal detectors are much more reliable than the wands so even though they cost a pretty penny, you get what you pay for. Randy Jones, commander of the Iowa State Fair Police Department explained,

“We’ve tried to think of all the possible contingencies. I just want the people to know that it’s going to be a safe state fair."

Jones also mentioned that part of the reasoning behind ramping up security is because people have tried to bring in weapons in the past. There have even been incidents where people tried to enter with “weapons” simply because they were just unaware of what was prohibited. For example, a lot of people carry mace on their keychains or pocket knives in their belts, but things like this are in fact prohibited at the Iowa State Fair.

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In addition to the metal detectors, the budget will also account for hiring more officers to ensure that the fairgrounds stay as safe as possible for guests. Also, a friendly reminder, all bags are subject to be searched and refusal to comply will result in denied entry.

If you have any questions about what is or isn’t prohibited, you can click here to read through the official rules and regulations of the Iowa State Fair. If there’s something you’re not sure about whether you should bring or not, just leave it at home! We would hate for you to be the lucky winner of general admission passes just to be turned away at the gate because you forgot to take your handy dandy fireworks out of your purse. Don't forget to tune into Jake & Kerri In The Morning on K92.3 from 6a-10a Monday through Friday to learn how you can win those tickets!

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