Certainly 2020 will go down as the year that 'didn't happen' or 'got cancelled'. Another major summer event, Sturgis Falls in Cedar Falls is officially not happening this year.

According to a KWWL report, the event, set to be the 45th annual, is not happening as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic that has erased many summer festivals all over the Cedar Valley, U.S. and entire world. The 2020 Sturgis Falls event was scheduled to be held starting Friday, June 26 and running through Sunday, June 28. This years theme was 'Visions of Summer.' There's no word now if this theme will be used for the 2021 iteration of the event.

On the official Sturgis Falls Facebook, board president Jay Stoddard stated:

Our concern for the health and welfare of all our patrons, vendors, participants and the many volunteers who help support the annual summer tradition is our focus.

Several other major town festivals have been cancelled this year, including My Waterloo Days. There's still talk of a possible late summer event in Cedar Falls, possibly in Gateway Park according to Mr. Stoddard. However nothing has been confirmed at this

Elwin Huffman/TSM
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