The National Pork Board is accepting nominations for the 2019 Pig Farmer of the Year award. Nominations are open until Sunday, March 10. Interested folks can submit nominations at

The award goes to an American pork producer who demonstrates excellence in raising pigs while using the WeCare ethical principles, all while sharing his or her story with the public. “Like most pig farmers, I’m most comfortable in the barn,” says Patrick Bane of Illinois, the 2018 Pig Farmer of the Year. “However, my passion for pig farming is why I decided to be involved in this program. It allows me to help more people understand the story of modern agriculture.” Bane has participated in several events since being named America’s Pig Farmer of the Year.

A panel of third-party judges will help determine who will win the 2019 award. The winner will be announced during October, which is National Pork Month. Anyone can nominate a producer or themselves. The public can also play a role in selecting this year’s winner by viewing short clips of the finalists on their farms at and voting for their favorite through the Pork Checkoff’s social media outlets.

Source;  NAFB News

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