The Fayette County sheriff is investigating an accident in which a delivery truck was found in a ditch just east of Oelwein.

At about 7am on Monday, March 7, the sheriff received a report of a 2012 Penske box truck in the ditch off Highway 3, east of Oelwein. The driver, 31 year old Britney Huffman of Cedar Falls, was eastbound when she lost control due to weather conditions, and ended up in the ditch. No one was injured, and damages totaled $2,000.

And a Fairbank man is being charged with causing an accident just west of Oelwein. Just before 4pm Sunday (March 11), the Fayette County Sheriff received a report of a tow truck that was pulling a vehicle out of the ditch near the 25,000 block of Rose Road.

An investigation determined that 20 year old Dennis Detweiler had been driving north at about 4am, when he lost control of his Chevy Malibu. The car went into the ditch. No one was injured, but the car was totaled. Detweiler is being charged with Failure to Maintain Control.

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