The career website Zippia provides resources to potential job seekers, including helping to weigh the pros and cons of relocating. The site ranked six of the biggest things that can cause us stress: commute times, unemployment, average work hours, population density, cost of living, and how many people are uninsured.

Here's how each state stacked up:


Top 10 Least Stressed States

1. Iowa

2. Minnesota

3. Nebraska

4. North Dakota

5. South Dakota

6. Vermont

7. Wisconsin

8. Utah

9. Kansas

10. Maine

Congrats, Iowa. You AREN'T panicking 24/7 about your future. And truthfully, most places in the Midwest are swell places to settle down, but being #1 does feel pretty nice.

A similar study was conducted earlier this year that ranked Iowa #48 in stress level, behind only Utah, North Dakota and Minnesota. Click here for the story.

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