Throughout 2021, these ten foundations have gathered to donate over $100 million across the Hawkeye State. Not only in the Cedar Valley, the Corridor, or Des Moines but all over the state of Iowa.


These charities donate to a variety of causes, whether they be focused on funding education, environment improvement, giving meals to the hungry, social justice, the arts, etc., these are the largest funders in our state.

The following information is provided by The Grantsmanship Center, an organization that offers "training and publications to help organizations plan solid programs, write logical, compelling grant proposals and create earned income opportunities."

Top 10 Most Generous Iowa Charities

It's not just holiday season in Iowa, but giving season as well! These are the top 10 charities that gave the most money throughout the state this year. Want a tax write-off? Join in the giving.

Throughout my life, I've participated in a multitude of charity events -- they've largely been affiliated with Orchard Hill Church in Cedar Falls.

The one particular event I remember was based on raising money for a well in Haiti. While Orchard Hill and the college worship community I was a part of, BASIC, did a plethora of things to raise money -- selling t-shirts, having members of the church donate, partnering with local businesses, etc. -- one particular event sticks out in my mind.

Sidecar Coffee has several locations in the Cedar Valley. They're a key gathering place for college students who want to study, get together with friends, or need a jolt of caffeinated energy before class. They also happened to be one of the aforementioned partners.

One night before BASIC (which is held at 8 PM on Thursdays), they contributed $1 for each latte that was sold. I went to the event around 6 PM and wanting to be a part of it, I got the most sugary latte I could get because I don't like coffee.

I also don't really drink caffeinated beverages, like at all. Ever.

Due to the taking in of said beverage, I was awake until 4 AM Friday morning.

Did I happen to think that I should just donate $3 or $4 to the cause rather than buying a latte?


Why would I do that when I could see into the future for the first hour of experiencing my first latte?

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