Possible ‘SNOW SQUALL’ on Friday Afternoon
First of all, WHAT IS A SNOW SQUALL?
According to the National Weather Service:
A snow squall typically lasts less than an hour. The sudden white-out conditions combined with falling temperatures produce icy roads in just a few minutes. The combination of gusty winds, falling temperatures and quick re…
This Weekend: Sun Will be 7% Brighter
What? In the cold of winter? Yep.  At 7:51 AM on Saturday, January 2, the Earth will be only 91,399,453 miles away from the sun -- which is roughly three million miles closer than it will be at its furthest point in July. Earth is closest to the sun every year in …
Winter Storm WARNING Tuesday-Wednesday
A Winter Storm Warning has been issued for most of Iowa. The warning runs from 9 AM Tuesday to 6 AM Wednesday.
This storm is expected to bring widespread heavy snowfall along with freezing rain. The National Weather Service in Des Moines says that greatest amount of snow will fall nort…
Big Winter Storm to Hit Iowa This Week?
It looks like 2020 has one last blast of Winter Weather before we enter the new year...
The NWS Weather Prediction Center says that a Winter Storm is expected to hit the Central United States Tuesday/Wednesday.
On Sunday morning, Weather...
SNOW TONIGHT – Winter Weather Advisory!
UPDATE 4:15 PM -- Winter Weather Advisory posted for Eastern Iowa.
A blast of Winter Weather is heading towards Iowa late tonight into Tuesday. The National Weather Service in Des Moines says (as of 9am Monday):
Snow before 3am, then rain,…

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