13 Years Ago, Killer F5 Tornado Roared Through Eastern Iowa
The afternoon of May 25, 2008 many Iowa residents noticed the sky had turned an eerie shade of green. That was the first sign that something bad was potentially imminent. By the time the day was over, a 43-mile path of destruction would be all that was left after a F5 tornado destroyed many communities in central and eastern Iowa.
Risk of Severe Storms Today in Iowa
There's a chance that portions of Iowa may be hit with some severe weather this afternoon. Thunderstorm activity this far in 2021 has also been EXTREMELY quiet. So far this year only three T-storm warnings have been issued from the Des Moines office of the National Weather Service. That’s t...
Is This the Best Storm Chasing Video?
During 2020, photographer and filmmaker Dustin Farrell spent the storm chasing season by putting on more than 38,000 miles to chase down Mother Nature's Fury. On his official YouTube Channel he said that he chased and recorded so many storms that it took two months to edit all of the raw footage, adding: We captured over 400 shots in the Summer of 2020...
**Snow amounts are as of 8:30 AM 12/12*** The Winter Weather Advisory runs until 3 PM where additional snow amounts will be less than an inch. Des Moines reported over 5.5". The areas surrounding Dubuque remain in a Winter Storm Warning until 6 PM with snow totals expected to reach up to 9" in some locations...

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