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10 Country Star Television Cameos
Who else loves seeing their favorite country artist on television? And no, I'm not talking about those award show performances or when they get interviewed on television shows. Every single time I see artists that I love guest starring or making cameos on shows I love, I get so excited. Many of these artists are so incredibly talented that they deserve all the screen time they can get. So, here are ten country cameos that you might've missed. Now you're going to have to go back and re-watch these shows.
8 Country Stars Who We Want To See Host Jeopardy
Jennings won't be the permanent host for the game show, but the first in a line of guest hosts that are expected to step in until producers find a permanent replacement for the late Trebek. There are plenty of rumors on who could step in to Alex's shoes even as a guest host, but I think there are plenty of country stars who should through their (cowboy) hat in the ring.