The Fayette County Sheriff reports that the recent snowfall the area received resulted in numerous traffic accidents.

At about 12:15pm Sunday (March 25) the sheriff took several reports of vehicles in the ditches. At the intersection of "T" Ave and 40th Street west of Oelwein, a southbound car driven by 18 year old Rudy Gingerich of Waverly, hit a slick spot. The 2004 Grand Prix slid into the ditch. No one was injured, and there was just minimal damage to the car.

About 20 minutes later, a vehicle driven by 57 year old Deann Loeb of Jesup hit a slippery spot on "R" Avenue northwest of Oelwein. Her 2007 Ford Freestyle also went into the ditch. Loeb was not injured, and again, damages were minimal.

And shortly after 1pm Saturday (March 24), the sheriff got a report of a vehicle in the ditch just north of Fayette, on Hiway 150 near 165th Street. Responding officers found no one at the scene, but following an investigation, they determined that the vehicle, a 2000 Dodge Dakota, had been driven by 56 year old Mark McGonigle of Fredericksburg. He had been southbound on 150 when he lost control due to the weather, and slid into the ditch. No one was injured, and damage was minor.

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