There's so many unique college classes out there. I'm sure if given the chance, and unlimited financial resources, one could take a class on most any subject matter in existence. If you're a fan of the air fryer, or maybe you just got one for the holidays and improving your skills is something you're looking to do, good news: NICC has a class for that.

Northeast Iowa Community College is offering a class called Air Fryer: Learn to Use It (Recipes Included). It's available to anyone and costs $35. Classes will be virtual (via Zoom) and so that means you'd need a laptop/tablet and internet connection to go along with that air fryer. Probably not too much to ask in 2021.

Other unique classes NICC is offering in 2021 include:

  • Better Coffee at Home
  • Chillin' and Grilling
  • Craft Cocktails: The Art of the Perfect Drink
  • Know Your Craft Beer - For Beginners

You can get more info/prices for the air fryer or any class on NICCs website. When you become a master at the air fryer, I love ribs. Just sayin'.

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