Country star Martina McBride is taking on a new role -- interviewer -- for a brand-new podcast series.

Launched in collaboration with Luminary Media and Believe Entertainment, Vocal Point has McBride sitting on the other side of the microphone. After being interviewed hundreds of times during her lengthy career, she's bringing the wisdom and experience she's collected over the years to her latest project.

"I think instinctively what I've always known from being interviewed is it's such a better experience for both of us if the interviewer is actually listening and not just getting through their list of questions," McBride tells The Boot. "So I try to listen and really listen for little clues about things that they really want to talk about."

Instead of sticking to the typical questions about an artist's current single or record, McBride wants listeners to really get to know her guests. "With Runaway June, we had this long conversation about ghost stories and about how my house used to be haunted," McBride shares. "It's fun."

In another conversation with legendary artist Brenda Lee, McBride got her perspective on what the country music genre was like in its earlier days. "I got to ask her what touring was like back then. We talked about Patsy Cline. There's not many people you can talk to that really knew Patsy because she died so young," McBride says.

"We also talked about the state of women in music," she adds. "It was fascinating because she's very, very animated, sharp and very giving. She was like the Beyonce of her day."

Although many fans may assume that McBride has these kinds of conversations regularly with her fellow country artists, she says her Vocal Point podcast is giving her a platform to chat with artists she's always wanted to get to know better.

"I've worked with Brenda Lee before in the studio, but I never really sat down and got to have a visit with her, nor have I with really any of these people that I'm interviewing," McBride says. "Everybody thinks [country stars] hang out together all the time. But the truth of the matter is, most of these guests I'm meeting for the first time. I met Dustin Lynch on the podcast for the first time. I'd never really gotten to talk with Pam Tillis even though we've ran in the same circles for years. So it's a discovery for me too."

Although her podcast episodes include an all-star list of country singers, McBride isn't only sticking to music for Vocal Point. "We're featuring some actors, some country music artists, some chefs, hopefully some authors eventually ... people at all stages of life and their career," she says.

"Howie Mandell talked about how he got started and how he wasn't really looking for a career in comedy," McBride explains. "His whole philosophy is to never say no to anything, but he did almost said no to Deal Or No Deal, which was the biggest thing in his career so far. That was a really inspiring podcast."

McBride says that whether you're a country fan or just a curious listener, you'll find a memorable moment in every episode of the podcast. "I think, in every interview that I've done so far, there's always a nugget of inspiration or something that I think listeners will be able to relate or take away will make them feel inspired -- and that's exciting to me," she reflects.

"It's insightful, it's intimate," she adds, "and I think it's just another way to enjoy your favorite artists."

Four episodes of Vocal Point are out now, with additional episodes being released each Friday.

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