Kevin is a Great Dane who resides in West Des Moines and is officially considered the tallest dog in the world!

Guinness World Records gave Kevin the World's Tallest Dog title on March 20th, 2024. Kevin, who is named after the Home Alone character, might be a 'giant' dog but according to his owners, Kevin is a bit of a softy.

While Kevin's size might make him intimidating to some, Kevin is incredibly gentle, and apparently, he thinks he's still small enough to be able to sit on your lap. He's not even standing up completely straight and he can easily lick one of his owner's face!

Guinness World Records via YouTube
Guinness World Records via YouTube

Gentle Giant

Roger and Tracy Wofle, as well as their two children, Alexander and Ava, make up Kevin's family. He's not the only pet the family owns but he's definitely the tallest.

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People spoke to Kevin's family and while Kevin is bigger than a lot of things, he's afraid of most of them. Tracy mentioned that Kevin isn't a big fan of the vacuum.

"Kevin is the epitome of a gentle giant. He is scared of most things ... He is terrified of the vacuum. He won't let it come within 6 feet of him! He will jump and run to get away from it."

Kevin's Size

In the photo above you can see that if Kevin is standing on his hind legs, he's as tall or taller than many grown adults. If Kevin is standing on all 4 paws, his height is measured at 3 feet and 2 inches. From his feet to his 'withers' Kevin is the height of an average 3-year-old.

While Kevin is a big dog, Tracy doesn't think he knows how big he is.

"I don't think he's aware he is as big as he is. He's continuously trying to squeeze into small beds and sit on top of us and do everything that the smaller dogs do."

Before Kevin was a 1-year-old, the family started thinking he was one of the tallest dogs they'd ever seen. The dog who previously held the title of 'tallest dog in the world' was also a Great Dane named Zeus. Zeus stood at 3 feet and 5.18 inches tall and he sadly passed away last year.

The world's smallest dog is named Pearl and she stands at 9.14 cm tall, which makes Kevin about 10x the size of her.

Even though Kevin is a gentle giant, just like any other kid, he does get himself into trouble once in a while. With a dog this tall, you have to be careful where you leave a plate of food!

"He can be naughty. It's usually food-related, otherwise, he's a pretty good kid."

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