Waterloo joins five other cities as they take the next step in technological advancements.

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The Honeywell Smart City Accelerator Program is providing multiple cities throughout the United States with the resources they need to become "smart cities." This means that the city of Waterloo will be working closely with Honeywell and Accelerator to create initiatives that will target key factors that will improve the quality of life for city residents.

Some of these specific smart technology targets are public safety, infrastructure, and "climate resiliency" according to an official PR statement. 

Waterloo Mayor Quentin Hart said per the Waterloo/Cedar Falls Courier,

“Waterloo is ready and hungry to move to the next level in becoming a true smart city."

In another statement, Mayor Hart also said,

"This kind of strategic partnership builds capacity, creates momentum, and maximizes outcomes for our residents. This will help launch Waterloo to the next level of the internet of things."

But what does it mean for a city to become a "smart city?"

According to Cisco a smart city, "uses digital technology to connect, protect, and enhance the lives of citizens."

"Identifying and creating local initiatives to grow community wealth and increase economic security is how we advance our mission to create national change from the ground up, and that's exactly what the Honeywell Smart City Accelerator Program does," said the CEO of Accelerator for America in a statement.

Five cities throughout the United States were selected for this program based off of the following factors/plans per city:

  • City leadership visions and data strategies
  • Strategic plan
  • Sustainability plan
  • Climate plan
  • Operating and capital budgets

Honeywell is creating a four-track Smart City Strategic Plan for the city of Waterloo. The specific "tracks" are as follows:

Track 1: Smart City Vision

Track 2: Operational Framework

Track 3: Project Definition

Track 4: Smart City Project Plan

For more information about these different tracks, make sure to check out the official press release.

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