This is apparently not a good year for sinkholes. You might remember earlier this spring a giant sinkhole re-opened just south of Knoxville, Iowa. It was actually first repaired in 2023 but reappeared again this year. The old remnants of a coal mine are reportedly to blame. Now, another huge sinkhole has appeared in the Midwest, this time in the middle of a soccer field!

NBC News reports that the sinkhole appeared on Wednesday at a large recreational soccer field. The giant hole even swallowed up a light pole, sending it tumbling down the hole and releasing plumes of smoke into the air. And the entire thing was caught on video!

Thankfully there wasn't a game being played at the time! NBC News reports that the terrifying collapse happened at Gordon Moore Park in the town of Alton, Illinois. According to officials with the Alton Parks and Recreation Department, the sinkhole measures 100 feet wide and 30 feet deep. No injuries were reported during the incident.

So what caused this giant sinkhole to ruin an entire soccer field? NBC News says that an underground mine is thought to have been the culprit. A spokesperson for the company that owns the mine stated "The impacted area has been secured and will remain off limits for the foreseeable future while inspectors and experts examine the mine and conduct repairs."

Needless to say, Gordon Moore Park is temporarily closed while the investigation continues. Watch where you step!

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