The University of Iowa Hawkeye Marching Band is always a favorite of fans at Kinnick Stadium for home football games. On Saturday, they again showcased their musical talents, with some incredible choreography thrown in.

Saturday's halftime theme was "Spirit and Everything it Means." The performance started with members of the band spelling out 'Tailgate' on the field with a tailgating party as they performed a couple of songs.

Next up, the beautiful choreography of Caitlin Clark hitting a big shot. Her jersey is unfurled on the field and soon band members form her body, with a basketball in her hands. Other band members make up the rim and net of the basket. The ball makes perfect rotation toward the hoop and swishes the net. There was even a little post-shot celebration. The whole thing was almost as smooth as a Caitlin Clark jumper.

The halftime performance also included a happy birthday to Herky the Hawk, celebrating his 75th year at the University of Iowa. Finally, it was time for the Iowa Dance Team, Iowa cheerleaders, and more than 200 spirit squad members from "across the state and beyond" to join the band on the field.

You can watch a sped-up video of the tremendous Iowa Marching Band's halftime show here:

There are a couple of issues with the video above, though. Since it's sped up, you can't hear the music the band is playing during their performance and you can't hear the Kinnick Stadium crowd reaction. You need both and can hear them here:

What does the University of Iowa Hawkeye Marching Band have up its sleeves for the Michigan State game on Saturday, September 30? We can't wait to find out.

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