There's a new mini-battle with friends and family that could be, or perhaps IS on the horizon: the COVID-19 vaccine battle among family and friends. It's a simple premise, really. You're vaccinated, you have a friend or family member who is not. An event pops up you'd like to go to with that person but, they decided not to get the vaccine. Turns out, your thoughts on whether to still go with that person is likely to vary based on what state you live in.

Living in Iowa means you really don't mind being around unvaccinated people

It's an interesting position for Iowans according to a map with research from My BioSource. Their data, which sourced a Google survey, indicates Iowans are the most likely to not care if someone in their life isn't vaccinated against COVID. Only 33% of those in the survey said there's a stigma surrounding those free of the COVID jab. Compared to our midwestern neighbors, that makes Iowa one of the most accepting of those who have decided to forego the vaccine.

Of all our neighbors, Illinoisans are the least accepting of the unvaxed. 59% said they'd shun someone who didn't get it. Missouri is behind them at 52% likely to shun, while Wisconsin is at 40% likely, Minnesota 46%, and Nebraska 43%. The only border state that cares less about who is or is not vaccinated is South Dakota. Only 21% there will shun you if you're without the COVID vaccine in your system. Nationwide, Idahoans are the least likely to shun, only 11% said they would be opposed to being around unvaccinated people. Alaskans are the most likely in the U.S. to frown upon an unvaccinated person, with 62%, just edging out California's 61%.

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