My fellow Iowans: I hear ya. I feel ya. I AGREE with ya. My biggest pet peeve is definitely having slow internet. And would you know it, it's not only the top pet peeve in Iowa, but it's also topped the charts in fourteen other U.S. states. This according to a new study from Zippia.

To help them in the study, Zippia used Google trends. Interesting as I'd imagine if slow internet ticks you off, a slow Google search would be excruciating... A majority of Iowans were searching for ways to remedy lousy internet speeds, which likely took a while, mind you. The fourteen other states that share our slow web frustrations are neighbors Wisconsin, Missouri and Minnesota, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Maine, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Vermont, and Washington.

Other neighbor states answered differently. Nebraskans don't like laziness. Illinois residents are driven batty by badly behaving kids, and South Dakotans dislike belching. (Huh?)

What grinds YOUR gears the most? Littering? Bragging? PDA? Those were less popular responses from other states. You can see 'em all here.

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