All dogs need a home, and during the COVID pandemic, many Americans adopted a new pooch as they felt a dog would be a great companion during a very difficult time where for many, companionship was hard to come by.

As a result of the increased interest in our four-legged BFFs, there is no breed more likely to find one in the state of Iowa than a bulldog. They're our favorite breed, at least to research. The website Honest Paw put out a list of the most Googled dog breed by U.S. state, and Iowans are Googling bulldogs more than any other breed. But why?

Bulldogs are having a moment... everywhere

The American Kennel Club recently had a whole story on the rising popularity of the French Bulldog, stating the breed was the second most popular dog breed in the country. Now, is it possible when looking at Google search trends Americans were simply searching for the difference between a French bulldog and an English one? Lord know I did that search - oh and if you're wondering, English bulldogs tend to be a little larger. Maybe that's part of it. But it also doesn't hurt that bulldogs have been among the most popular breeds in the U.S. and internationally for decades now.

In much of Europe, they became popular during the Second World War when they became likened to Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who was in strong opposition to Nazi Germany. Though, why you'd adopt an animal because it looks like a person is a bit beyond me.

Other states are gaga for bulldogs, too

Iowa is in good company, 10 other states also searched for 'Bulldogs' more than any other breed. The Havanese came in a distant second. They were the most search breed in five states while cocker spaniels, golden retrievers, and German shepherds were most popular in a couple of states. Pitbulls did not make the list. That's ruffff.

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Hilarious Iowa DOT Signs

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