Water levels are rising in northeast Iowa following several days of heavy rainfall, prompting flood warnings to be issued for some area rivers. The swollen Cedar River has forced the closure of George Wyth State Park in Waterloo-Cedar Falls on what is supposed to be "Camping Kick-off" weekend.

A flood warning is posted for the Cedar River from Charles City downstream to La Porte City, south of Waterloo. The National Weather Services has also posted flood warnings for the Turkey River and Upper Iowa River.


Forecasters are predicting moderate along the Cedar River at Charles City and Cedar Falls, where the water in both locations is expected to rise to about 3.7 feet above flood stage.

At 10:30 AM on Friday (May 4, 2018), the river level at Charles City was about a half-foot above its 12-foot stage. The river is expected to reach 15.7 feet by Saturday morning, then fall below flood stage later that evening.

In Cedar Falls, the river level was about 2.6. feet below its 88-foot flood stage at 4:45 AM on Friday. The forecast is calling for the river to reach flood stage this evening, and rise to 91.7 feet Sunday afternoon. The river should crest after that, and fall below flood stage Wednesday morning.

The flood warning at Janesville is posted through Sunday morning. At 9:45 AM Friday, the river was nearly seven-feet below its 13-foot flood stage. The river is is expected to crest about 0.3 feet above the 13-foot mark on Sunday morning.

At Waterloo, the river was flowing about 4.1. feet below its 13-foot flood stage at 10 AM Friday. Forecasters predict the river will rise to about 14.7 feet Sunday evening, before cresting.


Major flooding is occurring at Spillville, where the Turkey River was nearly four-feet above its nine-foot stage at 10:30 AM on Friday.  The river is expected to crest near 13.9 feet Friday, and fall below flood stage Saturday morning.

Downstream, moderate flooding is forecast at Elkader and minor flooding at Garber. Around 11 AM Friday, the river was running about 1.5 feet below its 12-foot stage at Elkader and nearly six-feet under its 17-foot stage at Garber. At Elkader, the Turkey River is expected crest at around 16.5 feet Saturday evening. At Garber, the water is expected to start receding Sunday morning after climbing to 19.4 feet.


At Dorchester, the river was running nearly a foot above its 14-foot stage at 10 AM Friday. Minor flooding was occurring and moderate flooding was forecast before the water level falls below the banks on Saturday. The river is expected to rise to near 18.5 by tonight, then crest.

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