On Thursday morning, the American Red Cross held the Everyday Heroes awards in Dubuque. Six Eastern Iowans were honored at the ceremony including ones from Dubuque, Peosta and even Cedar Falls. These men and women were recognized for going above and beyond the call of duty and for their kindness and selfless acts.

According to KWWL, one man who was honored by the name of Michael Lockard is from Cedar Falls. Lockard was honored for helping to rescue his handicapped brother from a fire. Lockard and his younger brother were in their living room when they smelled smoke and called for help. As they were waiting for the fire department to arrive, the flames spread quickly and Lockard's disabled older brother was upstairs in the house, so Lockard went back inside twice to try and help his brother out.

Although Lockard was not able to rescue his brother on his own, the descriptive details of where his brother was in the house in reference to the flames of the fire allowed rescuers to find his brother quickly and rescue him. The firefighters even said that the information provided by Lockard was vital to saving his brother's life. All of the brothers were taken to the hospital and all have fully recovered from smoke inhalation.


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