When you go out to eat, whether you plan to stay put or get it to go, you expect a certain level of cleanliness from the staff, especially those in the kitchen, right? I know I do. Clean hands, well-washed fruits/vegetables, safe meat, no cribs or playpens in the kitchen.

These are all, you know, the usual good practices. Unfortunately, according to a report I first saw on The Iowa Capital Dispatch, one establishment in our capital city couldn't do most of those things.

This is 2021's most interesting restaurant health inspection issue

The El Salvadoreno Restaurant in Des Moines endured 13 violations after the health inspector paid a visit back in January of this year. For one, A playpen and crib were set up inside the kitchen. Also, the report states that 'a bag of rice in the dry storage area was observed on top of an enclosed pest sticky trap.' Though that was later confirmed to be removed. You can see more on the Iowa Inspector and Appeals website.

Sing it with me, I want my baby back baby back...

Closer to home, you can certainly check on your favorite eatery to see it has had any major or even minor issues. Obviously, most issues don't involve cribs. Or baby stuff at all.

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Also, as bad as some violations may seem, an overwhelming majority of our favorite eateries don't have any violations. And, they need our support more than ever. If you are comfortable dining in, great! If not, carry-out and delivery are still great options. And again, you can always see how your favorite restaurant fared here.

Oh, here's one more baby back ribs TV ad since you likely forgot 'Nsync was ever this desperate.

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