Maybe time to start thinking of making your own place for rent.

Airbnb recorded that almost 100,000 people took advantage of places to rent in Iowa during 2018. That's up almost 40,000 people from stats from 2017. The revenue generated from those 100,000 people taking advantage of Airbnb's was about 9.5 million dollars.

Johnson County, the home of the University of Iowa, was the second most popular destination for people using Airbnb. No real shocker that Polk County (Des Moines) came in at number generating 2.4 million dollars alone. But Johnson Country generated a nice 970,000 dollars.

Airbnb takes a 3% commission of every booking from hosts and 6-12% from guests. Airbnb's are becoming much more common and reliable than hotels especially if the host has certain amenities like a pool or washer/dryer.

There are peer-reviews where hosts and guests can leave comments about the place so you know that the hosts are trustworthy people. So there are plenty of reasons to use Airbnb but if Iowa generated 9.5 million dollars hosting, it might not be a bad idea to get a room for rent.

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