'Tis the season, ghost hunters! It's Halloween time in Iowa! My favorite season, personally. Cooler weather, bonfires, and changing leaves. And maybe best of all, ghost stories! Whether you believe in ghosts or not, Iowa has plenty of ghost towns. One is an hour away from Cedar Rapids, or about 90 minutes from Waterloo: Buckhorn, Iowa.

Abandoned Iowa: Buckhorn, Iowa

Located in Jackson County, Buckhorn is now just a series of abandoned buildings seemingly in the middle of nowhere, off Iowa highway 64. Across from the abandoned creamery (photos below) is an old cemetery. 


The cemetery across from the creamery. Via Google.
The cemetery across from the creamery. Via Google.

Buckhorn's history isn't too exciting. According to Only in Your State, Buckhorn was once a farmer's co-op. It was also home to a tavern (which every town needs) and hotel, stagecoach shop, the creamery, church, and more. Today, just a few run-down, abandoned buildings dot the landscape.

Inside the old creamery, you'll see, lots of graffiti and old furniture. The roof has caved in, at least in part, and it's not the most welcoming sight. So, are you ready to visit a real Iowa abandoned building? Let's go.

Abandoned Iowa: Buckhorn Creamery

See inside the Buckhorn Creamery located in the ghost town of Buckhorn, Iowa.

Spooky, no? Obviously visited by some potty-mouthed ruffians, the building has clearly seen better days. It also appears the former owners got out in a hurry, making you wonder, why exactly did this building, and the town, become abandoned?

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