World Against Toys Causing Harm (WATCH) says this toy is the number one no-no this year.

Growing up playing lawn darts (you know the "game" where kids heave spears at each other), seeing a list of the worst toys of 2018, seems just preposterous. But every year, a list comes out with the toy that is considered the worst. This year it's a pink fluffy unicorn. Yes, you read that right. The worst of 2018 is the Nickelodeon Nella Princess Knight Pillow Pets Sleeptime Lites

I understand a few of the toys that are on the top 10 list of toys that are considered the worst for 2018. The Marvel Black Panther Slash Claw is not surprising because it's a toy designed for violence. At first glance it looks like the toy company just painted "Wolverine" claws black. But yes, there is a chance of eye and facial injuries with a violent toy. But you wouldn't think a fluffy unicorn would be so bad. Apparently, this toy presents a choking hazard and has the possibility of a "battery acid leakage" hazard.

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