Beer & Wine

Chicago Race Watch Party
Join Waterloo Broadcasting (97.7 KCRR, K98.5 & Q92.3) and Miller Lite at the Park Road Inn (306 Park Rd, Waterloo, IA 50703) in Waterloo this Sunday afternoon, September 20th and watch another race. This time the drivers try to tame Chicago.
Drinks + Drugs = Date Rape
Watch as this guy slips a drug into a girl's drink, completely unnoticed.  Keep watching, you will be surprised that he does it again and again.  No one even notices.
Joey Salads put together another social experiment.  This time Joey shows us how easy it is to slip a drug into a …
Get your Grill on, spring has sprung
Get your Grill on, spring has sprung!  Well, maybe not on the calendar but defiantly by Iowa standards it has.  The beautiful weather this weekend prompted many to dig out the grill, dust it off and fire it up. We fired up the gas grill and the results were very delicious...